Candle adhesive – a brainwave that lights up your interior design

Forget the idea that it is the candlestick that limits where you can place your candles. With the all-new FixCandle solution you can place them freely and directly on stones, tiles, glass, panels and other areas where you have never been able to place candles before. Moreover, FixCandle is a candle adhesive which also solves the problem of unstable candles in candlesticks. FixCandle is a Swedish innovation, manufactured in Sweden. Launched in stores and webshop 1st October 2015. (Webshop in english will arrive shortly).

Candle adhesive smart and neatly packed in a stick together with candle shaver.

FixCandle stick neatly packed with candles and tile, perfect as a gift.

It suddenly made sense to me…

…when, for what was surely the hundredth time, I tried in vain to get the candleto stand straight in my grandmother’s beautiful candlestick. “There must be an easier way” I thought. As if it isn’t ugly enough with slanting candles – not to mention annoying to have to support the candles with kitchen paper, baking paper or foil etc – it’s also dangerous too.“One should have something simple to attach the candles to… some kind of fixing paste maybe?”

Lena Dyfverman, founder of FixEasy

This is FixCandle (Swedish only)

Fixcandle in 15 seconds (Swedish only)


How to use FixCandle

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FixEasy AB

FixEasy develops, produces and sells products that make life more beautiful and easier for people. Its aim is to develop products that are innovative but not necessarily technical. Simple products that are so easy to understand, that once people start using them, it is hard for them to understand how they managed without them. FixCandle will be the first product to be launched by FixEasy.


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